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What is a Professional Apprenticeship?

A Professional Apprenticeship is a credible and accepted alternative to a purely academic University degree. Once associated more with manual trades than professional careers, these days an increasing number of thriving leaders in technology, science and business started their careers through an apprenticeship.

We are a UK Education & Skills Funding Agency approved provider of professional apprenticeships. regulated by OFSTED and built and run by qualified industry leaders, Higher Education teachers and PhD qualified instructors.

Our L3 & L4 programmes typically run for 18 months and, depending on the career you are entering, will often start with a fully immersive, full time bootcamp for around 10-12 weeks. You will be sponsored by your employer and will enter the programme as a full time employee. We will provide all the training, skills coaching, education and professional support possible in order to ensure you are fully prepared for your new career. An apprenticeship provides a fully recognised qualification and learning pathway to a full UK degree. However, there are other benefits too.

Just a few Benefits of a Professional Apprenticeship

Develop Your Career in one of our 3 Outstanding Academies

Technology & Digital Academy

From IT Support and Network Technicians, Cloud Engineers and SRE's to Software Developers & Quality Engineers.

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Science & Laboratory Academy

First Career Lab Techs to Lab Managers and Specialist Science Technicians in Food, Manufacturing, Materials and more.

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Business & Leadership Academy

From Executive Leadership to First Time Managers. PM's and Business Analysts

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Enroll on a Private Training Course Today

Enhance your own knowledge and career prospects by enrolling on one of our expert training programmes.

Below is a selection of currently running courses. Apprenticeships are only available to persons currently employed, but can be funded completely with your employers sponsorship and support. Get in touch to find out how.

Technology & Digital
Science & Laboratory
Business & Leadership
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