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The S&A Academy Delivers Innovative, Industry Relevant Professional Training, Certifications & Apprenticeships for the Technology, Science & Business Sectors.

The S&A Academy, part of the S&A Transform Group, consists of three distinct, yet strategically aligned premium training and education academies. Each independently managed to ensure we deliver an outstanding level of quality to clients, learners and apprentices alike.


We deliver professional training and apprenticeships

We work with individuals, businesses, local authorities and educational organisations to develop industry relevant talent.

Our expert instructors, training and curriculum designers and elite career coaches work within our three main ‘Academy’ divisions ensuring both learners and professional apprentices cultivate professional career enhancing skills.

  • =For Individuals, Businesses & Institutions
  • =Technology, Science & Business Academy's
  • =Private, Company & Apprenticeship Courses
  • =Premium, Elite in-person Training


Technology & Digital

Science & Laboratory

Business & Finance

Free Recruitment

Employers, we provide complimentary search and recruitment for any of your professional apprenticeships. With programmes starting each month we can provide a regular flow of new talent anywhere in the UK.

New Careers

Apprentices, we provide elite training and follow on masterclasses with a route to a UK degree equivalent qualification. Taking you from novice to paid professional in your chosen career.

Three Key Customer Markets


  • Deliver basic and introductory courses for early-stage careers
  • Professional apprenticeship programmes with enhanced learning and career development modules – for new careers or career-switchers.
  • Advanced training for expert professionals in complex topics
  • Career alumni programme for all associates


  • Specialist employee training through programmes co-designed with industry
  • Design, develop & deliver bespoke training, certification and qualifications for your products and technologies.
  • Deliver enhanced UK Government apprenticeship programmes for professional careers


  • Sub-contracted training & AEB programmes to educational establishments and local authorities
  • Outsourced professional apprenticeships
  • Entry level short courses in tech, Digital, science, laboratory and business skills.
  • Provide adult training to support early stage learners into employment
  • Skills bootcamps in collaboration with local businesses

Three Training Academy’s

The S&A Technology, Science & Business Academies

Technology, Digital & Data

Our Technology Academy designs and builds bespoke training programmes and certifications, runs professional UK Apprenticeship programmes and delivers dozens of specialist private training programmes to companies all around the globe. With clients from New York to New South Wales, we can source, select, train, and deliver your next generation of professional employees.

Science, Laboratory, Research & Testing

We deliver our training and apprenticeship programmes via our expert PhD qualified scientists, who also happen to be qualified teachers and skills coaches with a real passion for their field. There is a scientist in almost every style of company, from the more obvious healthcare, pharma and research industries through to materials testing, manufacturing, recycling and food development. For employers looking to recruit and train eager science and lab talent, to individuals looking for careers in leading edge organisations – learn with us.

Business, Leadership & Management

As part of the wider S&A Transform Group of companies, we have in-depth experience of delivering huge scale Business, Technology and Digital transformation for some of the worlds most advanced organisations. As such we can not only deliver advanced business, leadership and management training programmes but we can bring real world experience to life.

Professional Apprenticeships

From Software Developer or Software Tester / Quality Engineer to Lab Technician or Food Scientist.

For Employers we have re-imagined and rebuilt a number of 15–18-month innovative programmes ready to utilise the apprenticeship levy funding taxes your business has most likely already paid. Co-designed with industry business leaders to ensure our particular flock of apprentices will land in your business with relevant, current skills as well as an exceptional attitude to their work. Learn more about sponsoring an apprentice 

For individuals looking to develop their professional careers in Technology, Science or Business have a look at our Candidates section. You may already be employed and want your employer to sponsor your professional apprenticeship training or you may be looking to move into a new career, Embarking on a professional apprenticeship can give you a rewarding career, earning whilst learning, which will ultimately provide you with a professional qualification equivalent to a UK University degree. 


* UK Apprenticeships, via regulated approved providers, can cover up to 100% of the training costs of UK business employees, even to above degree standards. Talk to an advisor.

Short Courses

We deliver remote, VR and on-site short courses across all our current divisions. From basic or advanced level micro-teach modules (delivered in less than a day) in the use of specialist scientific equipment through to several weeks of intensive learning to conquer a new programming language or technology framework. Our course have all been developed by leading PhD qualified or expert industry level practitioners. Check out the relevant Academy page to learn more.


Employers let us 

Bespoke Employer Courses

We utilise the full might of our expert staff across all our academies as well as our in-depth industry networks to co-design, build and deliver complex training and certification programmes to leading organisations worldwide. 

If you’re a technology company looking to drive awareness and build accredited expertise in your software or products or even a leading scientific company requiring training and accreditation for your products or processes, we can help create global standards.

Introductory Training Schemes

As part of our commitment to growing the UK Talent pool and addressing the current skills gap, our Academy’s run several direct public courses to train people in brand new skills. Often creating opportunity for individuals to launch new careers or become accepted onto full scale apprenticeship programmes. 

We deliver our introductory training programmes direct to the public and via educational institutions and through local education authorities. Get in touch for more details.

The New Standard in Professional Education, Training and Certification

* Employer, Individual or Local Authority – get in touch to talk to an expert advisor