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We deliver elite training and professional apprenticeships to build careers suitable for the modern workplace

Training & Education for Technology, Digital & Data Professionals

The S&A Technology and Digital Academy

Embark on a Professional Apprenticeship in Technology 

You can earn, learn and build a worthwhile career in the many areas of technology, digital and data. Our UK approved apprenticeship programmes are fully Ofsted regulated, come with a whole host of other benefits not provided by traditional suppliers and provide you with employment right from the beginning.

Software Developer (L4)

Our software developer L4 professional apprenticeship is usually delivered via a front loaded 12 week immersive bootcamp. Delivered by elite instructors to ensure our bootcampers land in their employers teams on week 13, confident, credible and ready to begin their professional careers.

Quality Engineer (L4)

Drive for show, putt for dough they say. Great software is about faultless deployment and our professional apprenticeship in Software Testing and Quality Engineering delivers talent that can guarantee faultless software quality. Start your tech career in testing.

The S&A Technology Academy

For Technology, Systems or Software Companies

We can design, build, and deliver complete training programmes to help your staff, customers or end-users use your products effectively. We can create a single introductory course or a full suite of progressive courses.

Need credibility? We can also arrange for moderated examinations and official certifications to help ensure the integrity of any award.

We deliver premium technology, digital, data and cloud based training and certification programmes


Take short courses in introductory topics such as simple web design, basic computing skills or even try your hand at introductory coding, data and software testing.


We can take you from novice to junior software engineer through our bootcamps or apprenticeships and can delvier specialist subject masterclasses for those with experience.


Take For experienced technologists, we offer a large range of specialist training programmes in mainstream subjects and complex industry technologies. 

We train advanced software engineers in specialist technologies such as Ligntning.Js, RDK, R, Unity, Unreal, AWS and  Python.

Become an RDK Certified Engineer

RDK is a fully modular, portable, and customizable open source software solution that standardizes core functions used in video, broadband, and IoT devices.

Utilizing open source components, RDK drastically reduces development cycles, encourages collaboration, and enhances innovation. It enables operators to manage devices and easily customize their UIs and apps and provides analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results. Contact us for details of our next RDK (either broadband or video) training and certification programme.

Become Certified in Ligntning!

The metrological platform is live on four continents, with a broad portfolio of international customers that includes many of the largest media companies and TV operators in the world, such as Comcast, Sky, Vodafone, Fetch, NOS and MultiChoice, offering content providers a reach of millions of TV viewers worldwide.

Become a certified developer in one of the worlds leading embedded software platforms!

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