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The S&A Academy of Science

We create the next generation of technical talent for the Science, Engineering & Manufacturing Industry. Working with leading companies to gain brilliant insights, our Scientific &  Apprenticeship courses are both cutting-edge and industry-focused.

Our full career lifecycle Learning, Training & Development programmes are designed to offer individuals a route from complete novice all the way through to masters level laboratory and research leader.

For employers, we offer a full service from recruitment to onboarding, apprenticeship and post apprenticeship training enabling you to develop and maintain a constant flow of new talent into your organisation. Including developing your talent acquisition and retention strategies. Most of our core recruitment and training programmes are fully subsidised by the UK Government funding schemes. 

Jemma Perks

Chief Science Officer, The S&A Academy

Build a Professional  Career through an Apprenticeship in Science

We are a UK Government Approved Apprenticeship Provider with a 100% focus on quality outcomes for Employers and our Apprentice’s


  • Bootcamp, day release or block release programmes
  • In person, video and remote instruction – no recordings!
  • Earn while you learn – 12 to 18month programmes
  • Route to a UK Degree Equivalent Qualification
  • Multiple optional modules to enhance your skills

Science Lab Technicians

Who Can Apply?

Any UK citizen between the ages of 16 and 60 (sometimes older) is eligible for one of our Professional Apprenticeships. You may already have a degree, already be employed with an organisation willing to sponsor your apprenticeship training or be looking for a new or different career completley. Get in touch.

From Jobseeker to Qualified Scientist – Short courses to full professional apprenticeships

We deliver short introductory courses, full scale professional 18 month apprenticeships and advanced topics for experienced employees. Delivered through UK government Skills Funding Agency grants or via private and commercially funded organisations.  

Short Courses


Express Training Courses

Designed to upskill new and existing staff with immersive, fast paced learning via highly experienced instructors both in-person and remote.

Duration: 1-2 Weeks



Professional Apprenticeships

Fully funded UK Government L3, L4 & L5 apprenticeships in science & laboratory delivered as day release or through our bootcamps.

Duration: 12-18 monhts

Advanced Training


Specialist Training Courses

From expert materclasses in specialist subjects to masters level education programmes delivered by Phd Instructors to advanced level students.

Duration: 1-52 Weeks

Short Courses & microTeach Modules

Our microTeach modules & Short Courses are a great way to ‘SkillStack’ your employees or add new skills to individuals looking to expand their knowledge.

MicroTeach Modules

Our MicroTeach Modules can be anything from a few hours to several days training. They’re designed with real world environments in mind and can be extremely useful to both large scale employers and individual learners alike.

Some of the more common MicroTeach modules are shown here, but we add new courses every few weeks as industry demand changes. If you are an employer who’d like to up-skill your workforce with specialist skills, get in touch. If we don’t have what you need, we can co-design it together and deliver it on your behalf. See our bespoke employer training programmes for more information.

Introductory Lab Technician

Designed with a blend of practical exercises and scientific theory, this course is delivered by highly trained instructors to deliver talented, confident lab technicians.

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Lab Management for New Managers

The course is designed for those looking to progress into managerial roles, who have a passion for supporting others to develop to the best of their ability.

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Introduction to Biomolecules

An introduction to the biomolecules; the basic structures and types for anyone wishing to refresh their knowledge, or learn more about the basics of these molecules.

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Basic Microscopy Protocols

Take a look at the setting up and maintenance of a standard light microscope, different lenses, how to measure cells and slide preparation methods. Suitable for all levels.

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Basic Laboratory Skills for Beginners

This easy to follow course covers the preparation of solutions, discusses appropriate glassware use, demonstrates examples of redox and acid-base titrations, and examples for the preparation of culture media.

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Pipetting Technique Masterclass

Basic introduction to the different types of biomolecules, the types that may be worked with in the laboratory, and different tests and uses of such molecules in bio science.

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Bacterial Identification Principles

A short course covering the main classifications of bacteria, what bacteria are in relation to other microorganisms, and the broad classification and identification methods

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Introduction to the Innate Immune System

A short course introducing barriers, effector cells, antimicrobial peptides, soluble mediators, and cells and receptors involved in the innate immune system.

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Data Analysis with Python

A short course on data analysis using Python. At the end of the course participants will be able to read data from common data sources (Excel) into Python, clean said data and make simple data visualisation.

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Foundation Level Maths for Scientists

A short learner led course to recap the numeracy required for laboratory science. Depending upon the numerical ability of the cohort, topics will include BIDMAS, rearranging equations, indices, scientific notation.

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Benefits of our MicroTeach Modules

Short, Sharp, Targeted – learning outcomes to supplement your work, career aspirations or  even as an add-on to one of our longer training programmes or professional apprenticeships.

Highly Skilled Scientists – Our instructors and educators are all Masters and PHD level scientists. So you learn from the best, and are able to ask almsot any question you like to enhance your learning experience.

Delivered In-person or Remote – Learn through a medium that suits you and your employer best.

Join Public Sessions or Private Employer Sessions – Join a public session and meet like minded people, or let your employer put on dedicated programmes for you and your team mates.

We Design, Build & Deliver Bespoke Training and Certification Programmes for Organisations Globally

Bespoke Training Programmes for Employers

From simple 1/2 day onboarding programmes designed for large corporates to complete ‘beginner to expert‘ training pathways for new technologies delivered at a global scale. Let our training and education experts use their indepth knowledge of both the subject matter and the student learnign process to design and deliver the bespoke training your staff, customers or partners really need.

We can combine our expertise in Technology, Science and Business to develop complex training programmes, delivered in single or several successive modules spanning days or years. We can even design training plans, passports and certification schemes to deliver your full Learnign & Development objectives. 

Advanced Training

We provide bespoke training programmes and aligned industry apprenticeships in mainstream health, pharma and clinical research. However, we offer a much broader set of serives designed for niche industries such as paints and varnishes, metals testing, concreate testing and adhesives. All aligned to recognised industry awarding bodies and trade associations. Find out more.

Meet Our Science Academy Leaders

Jemma Perks

Jemma Perks

Chief Science Officer

Jemma leads our Science Product Portfolio  and ensures our instructors deliver excellence in science education, pushing the limits of technical training.

She has over 12 years’ experience in constructing employer led technical training programmes and Apprenticeship for the Science industry. She is an experienced trainer, quality assurer and end point assessor for both the Laboratory Technician and Scientist Apprenticeships having delivered in Life Science, Earth Science, Environmental and Manufacturing based industries. She has worked with several blue-chip organisations ensuring succession issues are resolved and a healthy pipeline of new technicians are trained and ready to step up for the challenge.

 Jemma’s superpower is having both a scientific and operations management background enabling the delivery team to build key business techniques such as LEAN, Six Sigma along with a variety of management techniques into our training programmes creating a new dimension to the training Credersi provide.

 She is a passionate ambassador for encouraging more females in to the science industry by encouraging diversity in senior level roles in the sector by creating opportunities for growth for our delegates by supporting their career progression. Jemma herself completed her degree part time over 6 years whilst working full time in the laboratory and understands both the hard work required to study whilst working, as well as the benefits this type of learning can bring to your career, she has an empathetic approach to teaching and enables our delivery team to be a supportive network of professionals pushing our delegates to the next level in their careers

Dr David Evason

Dr David Evason

Senior Science Instructor

David is a Senior Science Instructor and is responsible for science apprenticeships, short courses and several advanced masterclasses. David firmly believes in lifelong learning and holds a PhD in Food Biochemistry , BSc (hon) Biology – first, HND Food Technology and has completed his Teaching PGCE in Physics.

He has over 10+ years experience in a range of industries including food manufacture, pharmaceuticals where he worked as a pharmaceutical analyst and also worked for 12+ years as an applications scientist carrying out MALDI-TOF MS.

“Dr D”, believes in the partnership between science and technology having also worked as a software quality engineer during his career. He can often be found discussing innovative topics with his technology academy colleages in some form of molecular binary code no one else in the office can yet interpret.

Dr Charlotte Hamblet

Dr Charlotte Hamblet

Senior Science Instructor

Charlotte is a Senior Instructor within our Science Academy and has over 10 years experience as a qualified teacher.

Like most of our instructors she also comes with a wealth of industry experience having had key roles in product management  as well as a career as an applications scientist in Secondary lon Mass Spectrometry, where she travelled across the globe to provide training to organisations such as the US Navy, 3M and the Geological Survey of Finland.

She has worked in microbiology labs for the pharmaceutical industry and beverage manufacturing as well as working as a Post Doctoral Research Associate with Unilever Research.

“Dr C”, has a keen interest in virtual reality and meteverse technology ands leads the science academy’s product development of or Immersive Learning Platform launching in Q2/2023.

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