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Progressing Web Development for Beginners

Level-up frontend web development skills with the fundamentals of programming and design for construction of web applications

Duration: 2 Days (Classroom, Business Site or Remote)

Prerequisites: Some familiarity in HTML & CSS


£ 399 per person

*Discounts may apply, contact us.


A suitable follow on to Beginners Web Development, this course is an intensive and condensed learning experience that delivers a solid progression for those interested in web development. It covers the essentials of frontend and basic backend programming, offering a well-rounded web development skill set in a short timeframe.

Participants are encouraged to continue their learning journey with additional courses and self-study after completing this program.


  • Taking a deeper dive into JavaScript and coding fundamentals
  • Using CSS3 to construct custom layouts and responsive web design
  • Developing a basic backend API to serve data to the application
  • Designing and building your own functioning web application