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Become a Software Engineer

Employers – Hire and/or Train a Software Developer Today!

Hire a Dev ApprenticeEnrol staff onto an apprenticeship

Start a Professional Apprenticeship in Software Development

Our Technology Academy’s immersive Software Developer apprenticeship fuses together the best of modern commercial training with university-level education.

With an engineering-driven approach, this apprenticeship equips people with the core computer science knowledge as well as instilling problem-solving abilities, algorithmic thinking skills and a sound understanding of how software development lifecycle’s work.

We teach, through academic and project based modules, all you’d expect and more – including customised modules to suit the employers technology estate.

Some of the Skills our Apprentices Learn…

This is a L4 programme, a much higher level of training than the ‘normal’ L3 delivered by generalist training companies.

  • Introduction to Programming Principles with JavaScript and algorithmic thinking
  • Modern Development Workflow and Practice
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Leading development frameworks including Node.js, React and complementary technologies including MongoDB for data management
  • Professional-grade approach with Test-Driven Development, architecture and design patterns, introduction to cloud computing with AWS and more
  • Option to dedicate modules to your business’s specific technology stack, e.g. if you’re a C# studio, your apprentices can have specific training in that supported by a personal development plan

Realistic Job Training

Whilst in learning, apprentices act like developers in production teams,  taking part in daily stand-ups, task management with tickets, code reviews, white-boarding sessions, reading documentation to contribute to projects, writing documentation – the lot.

Our ‘front loaded’ hot-start delivery option gives apprentices knowledge and skills that they will be able to apply quickly once they join production teams full-time to significantly reduce onboarding time.

Government Funded Apprenticeships

We Source, Train & Deploy YOUR Junior Software Developers

Need a Hot-Start?

Our software developer L4 professional apprenticeship is usually delivered via our ‘Hot-Start’ front loaded 12 week immersive bootcamp. Delivered by elite instructors to ensure our bootcampers land in their employers teams on week 13, confident, credible and ready to begin their professional careers. Employers can choose between a hot-start or traditional block release programme to suit their needs.

We are a UK Government approved apprenticehsip provider regulated by Ofsted and the ESFA with a 100% focus on quality outcomes for employers and apprentices.

Choose from several industry leading apprenticeship programmes or, for employers, enhance programmes to suit your employment needs.


12 - 18 Months of Training

provided in residential blocks, day release or ad-hoc to suit employers.

Targeted Role Based Training

and education tailored to the actual role, and, often industry, to develop professional careers.


For New Hires or Existing Employees

Train existing employees, or new hires, to help employers boost in demand skills


is free for employers placing new hires onto out apprenticeship programmes

Fully Funded Training

for apprenticeship levy payers and heavily subsidised for non-levy employers

A Credible Career Strategy

when compared to traditional university routes providing paid, job specific, learning instead of university debt.

We give our Apprentices Exposure toA WORLDof Different Technologies

We call our apprenticeship ‘enhanced’ for a reason. Our approach of ‘front loading’ 10 weeks of intensive learning allows our learners, your employees, to hit the ground hot. Providing useful skills from day 1. Then, already armed with more learning than any other training providers can give, the remaining 12 months of their apprenticeship can be loaded with multiple ‘masterclasses’ to suit an employees particular tech stack needs.

Exposure to a World of Technology

Get a Capable junior software engineer hired by your company in less than 4 months after your first contact with us!

We have dozens of screened, capable, motivated apprenticeship candidates ready to hire right now. Get in touch to find your perfect new hire and we will train them to outstanding levels.

(1) Better, Modern, Fit-for-job
(1) Better, Modern, Fit-for-job

Enhanced Apprenticeship Co-Design

As an Ofsted regulated business we have minimum standards to achieve. But for every programme we deliver we have redefined quality by working with industry leaders to co-design new curriculum’s bursting with job-ready, industry relevant knowledge and certifications.

(2) - Right Attitude, Right Aptitude
(2) - Right Attitude, Right Aptitude

Specialist Recruitment & Selection

We leverage our sister comapany, S&A Resourcing Solutions, an expert recruitment business in tech, science and business change to assists us in finding, selectiong and hiring new apprentices, your employees, at no cost to you.

(3) Industry Experience, Practitioners
(3) Industry Experience, Practitioners

Expert Course Delivery

We’ve designed a better course and selected brilliant people. Now we deliver our training with the perfect blend of academic qualified teaching, industry experienced practitioners and real-world working project experiecne.

Industry Relevant, Job-Role Specific

Note – This is a L4 Apprenticeship

Don’t be fooled by ‘do everything’ training providers who, almost without exception, use generalist instructors and only deliver a lower L3 programme.

We have rebuilt our modern apprenticeships from the ground up, enhancing them with countless value added modules, projects and real world experience. Both our bootcamp, where we take all apprentices full time for an upfront 10-12 weeks intensive learning experience, or our more traditional weekly or monthly day release programmes, are designed so our apprentices are job-ready fast.

  • Delivering Complete L4 SW Developer Curriculums 100% 100%
  • Enhanced with Additional Skills and Certifications 78% 78%
  • Delivering Useful Employee Skills for the 1st Day on the Job 74% 74%
L4 Enhanced Professional Apprenticeships

A Footnote for Employers…

With a decade long, worldwide engineering shortage, appropriate resource planning has traditionally been extremely difficult. Here’s your opportunity to take ownership of your talent pipeline – by creating your own developers on a course that’s built for your business. Our software development team comprises technical experts, passionate coders, and professional teachers. We’re part of The S&A Transform Group and we can, and do,  utilise the expertise and industry knowledge the whole of the business and technology transformation teams can give us to train our own apprentices. Through 2022 we reimagined exactly what a modern software development programme should look like. Adding modules on agile, project management, web3, lowcode and other appropriate subjects so our apprentices understand much more than just isolated coding skills. They know how to develop but also how to fit into a modern SDLC working environment. We then put all our knowledge into our 12 week bootcamp. Our course has been built from the ground up with robust education principles baked into every single day to ensure our (soon to be your) junior talent is ready to go on day one. Within 3 months you will have a useful, and safe, addition to your team. From there they develop fast. The learning doesn’t stop. Our Software Developer Apprenticeship is a 18 month programme, with masterclasses and modules interspersed throughout the learning journey. Our core differentiator is our ability to bespoke aspects of the curriculum to suit employers around the UK. We’ve got Python, we’ve got C#,  and we even have fairly niche masterclasses in things like Linux, Yokto, C++ and the amazing Lightning JS tool. If you need something else, just ask us. Our software development experts will work with you to create a junior developer programme that targets the key areas you require now, and help you prepare for the next 6, 12, 18 months ahead – and beyond.