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ISTQB 4.0 Foundation for Beginners

Certified Tester Foundation Level live training course for Software Tester and Quality Engineering beginners

Duration: 5 Days (Classroom, Business Site or Remote)

Prerequisites: NONE

ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level version 4.0


£ 1500 per person (includes exam voucher)

*Discounts may apply, contact us.

Successful completion of this course and the subsequent ISTQB examination will present the learner with a globally recognised industry certificate in Software Testing.


Exam preparation for Software Tester certification against the latest version 4.0 of the ISTQB Foundation syllabus, across five days of lectures containing over 1000 facts and hands-on exercises.

Throughout this course designed for those new to the role, explore fundamentals & principles, lifecycles & methodologies, black-box & white-box test techniques, all backed by running tests against bespoke software.

  • Learn testing fundamentals throughout development lifecycle
  • Sample exam questions for familiarity of format and style
  • Leave fully prepared for embarking upon ISTQB CTFL exam


  • Analysis, design & implementation of test cases
  • Execution of manual tests against bespoke apps
  • Writing & reviewing agile user stories for INVEST
  • Perceiving other mindsets with agile sprint poker


Software Fundamentals

  • Concepts and specific terminology of certification standard
  • Groundwork such as defect, error and testing semantics
  • Typical objectives that drive software testing activities
  • The seven first principles of software testing

Development Lifecycles

  • Explore software development lifecycle methodologies
  • Benefits and drawbacks to sequential such as waterfall
  • Describing iterative and incremental such as agile & scrum
  • Roles and mindsets across the lifecycle, including tester activities such as defect reporting and the test process

Holistic Techniques

  • Essential core theory behind discipline of software testing
  • Five test levels for separation of mindset and independence
  • Four test types for increased confidence of test coverage
  • Three design categories for efficient test case selection

Test Management

  • Understand activities across planning, monitoring & control
  • Test plans with entry & exit criteria, and testing quadrants
  • Scheduling test suites, execution order & estimating effort
  • Management of product & project risk analysis and control


The standard is maintained by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), a globally recognized not-for-profit association who promote common testing principles and techniques.

Established in 1998 with over a million certified testers, they offer a globally recognised software testing standard. The core foundation level certification is described by ISTQB as “The cornerstone of essential software testing knowledge for anyone who needs to demonstrate practical fundamental concepts”.

Our training courses have been fully realized to the latest 2023 version 4.0 of the standard, that was in-effect rewritten based on their refined sample questions for both core foundation and updated to include more agile testing related concepts.