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Enrol an Existing Employee onto an S&A Academy Professional Apprenticeship

Did you know you can train existing employees to support their CPD and career development through a UK Government funded apprenticeship programme.

These can be recent or junior hires or even experienced staff to executive and board level.

If you’re an apprenticeship levy payer, all professional training may be fully funded when delivered by an accredited training provider like The S&A Academy. If you’re not a Levy Tax paying employer, we can still recover 95%-100% of the training costs.

Fill in the contact form, or email us and we’ll explain all you need to know.

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Existing Employee Apprenticeship Enrolment

If you're not sure, our consultants can discuss the entry requirements and pros/cons of each professional apprenticeship with you.
This helps us understand the current level of skills and experience so we can tailor the training modules and delivery styles accordingly.
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This is just to give us an idea of scheduling the pre-enrolment activity required to ensure you and your employees get the best service. It is not a firm indicator nor does it constitute any commitment from you.