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Software Developer

Working in partnership with your new employer, delivery of training based on the ST0116 apprenticeship standard

Duration: 15 – 18 Months (Classroom, Business Site or Remote)

Prerequisites: None

Funding bands: £18,000


fully funded through apprenticeship levy or 95% funded through government co-investment


Our software developer apprenticeship is a structured program that provides aspiring programmers with hands-on training and real-world experience to prepare them for a successful career in software development.

A software developer is a professional responsible for designing, creating, testing, and maintaining computer programs and applications through construction of efficient, scalable, and robust source code.

They play a crucial role in the software development lifecycle, involving key activities such as stakeholder collaboration, requirements analysis, software design, and computer programming using languages such as Python, Java, or C++, to bring the software to life.

Gaining the internationally recognised ST0116 V1.1 Level 4 apprenticeship qualification, our apprentices are equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin their career as a professional software engineer.

Our unique approach equips with soft skills and mind-set awareness training, reinforced through activities and team exercises to produce well-rounded, multi-skilled, work-ready accredited software developer engineers.


Module 1: Software Fundamentals

From software landscape to development principles, apprentices perform their first software tests, build their first interactive web-page and learn essential groundwork theory.

Module 2: Development Lifecycle

In addition to basic coding & framework automation skills, apprentices learn how developers and testers interact, including with others across waterfall & agile lifecycles.

Module 3: Holistic Techniques

Backed by innovative software-based exercises, apprentices learn a number of backend and frontend frameworks; all reinforced by coding skills using a second strongly-typed language.

Module 4: Code Management

To learn software code management principles and techniques behind deployment pipelines.

Module 5: Simulated Project

Substantive team project to develop a software system, requiring them to self-organize analyse, design & construct a functional application to present as a showcase of their work.

Monthly on-the-job training & mentoring

In partnership with employers, we conduct regular one-to-one progress reviews with apprentices to monitor & validate continued learning of required skills & knowledge needed for their role.

Concluding with the end-point assessment gateway

When working at required standard and backed by their own comprehensive portfolio, the apprentice undertakes grading in part by professional discussion.

Delivery Model

Our programme can be delivered via a ‘hot start’ model whereby individuals join an immersive full time 10 week training programme, followed by continuous ‘on the job‘ and weekly or monthly day/half day modules for circa 15-18 months.

Alternatively, to suit employers who require their employees in their roles at the start of their employment, or to suit employees up-skilling whilst doing their existing roles, learners can follow a more traditional model of block release.