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Data Technician


Source, format and present data securely

in a relevant way for analysis.

Duration: 15 – 18 Months

Delivery Style: (Classroom, Site Based or Remote)

Prerequisites: None

Funding band: £12,000


fully funded through apprenticeship levy or 95% funded through government co-investment


This profession can be found across diverse sectors where data is generated or processed, spanning areas such as finance, retail, education, health, media, testing,  manufacturing, and hospitality. The primary objective of this occupation is to securely gather, format, and present data for analysis using fundamental methodologies. It entails effectively communicating outcomes, examining both structured and unstructured data to support business objectives, amalgamating data from various sources as directed, and adhering to legal and ethical principles while handling data. Those in this role engage with a wide array of stakeholders, including colleagues, managers, customers, as well as internal and external suppliers, ensuring collaborative synergy throughout.

Gaining the internationally recognised ST0795. Level 3 apprenticeship qualification, our apprentices are equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin their career as a data technician.


Core Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Data

Including an Introduction to Data and regulatory requirements of data sourcing.

Module 2: Fundamentals of Excel

Learning the fundamentals of data formatting and analysis in Excel.

Module 3: Handling Data

Maintaining and blending data for accuracy and resolving errors. You will also learn about how to store data in line with legal adbn regulatory requirements.

Module 4: SQL Foundation

Introduction to programming languages.

Module 5: Data Analysis

Analysing simple and complex, structured and unstructured data, to support business outcomes.

Module 6: Specialist Module Option

To be agreed with employer to fully support business needs.

Monthly on-the-job training & mentoring

In partnership with employers, we conduct regular one-to-one progress reviews with apprentices to monitor & validate continued learning of required skills & knowledge needed for their role.

Concluding with the end-point assessment gateway

When working at the required standard and backed by their own comprehensive portfolio, the apprentice undertakes a graded End Point Assessment (EPA), achieveing a Pass, Merit or Disctinction in their apprenticeship.

Delivery Model

Our programme is delivered with a flexible approach to suit the needs of your business. We can deliver in a 7 week block model or a more traditional ‘day release’ model, whichever suits your needs.