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L4 Professional Apprenticeship in Business Analyst

A Business Analyst (BA) plays a crucial role in helping organisations improve their processes, make informed decisions, and achieve their business objectives.

Duration: 16 – 18 Months

Delivery Style: (Classroom, Site Based or Remote)

Prerequisites: None

Funding band: £18,000


fully funded through apprenticeship levy or 95% funded through government co-investment



  • Certified to register with BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT for Register of IT Technicians (RITTech) level 4
  • Designed and delivered by industry experts
  • Aligned with the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis 

Includes the opportunity to take the BCS exams and gain the additional qualifications within the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. 


The specific duties and responsibilities of a business analyst can vary depending on the organisation and the industry, but generally, Business Analysts perform a number of critical tasks, either independently or as part of a bigger change management team.

The Business Analyst Apprenticeship programme is a comprehensive and hands-on training experience designed to prepare individuals for a successful career in business analysis, delivered to the standard specification ST0117

This programme equips apprentices with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in this dynamic field. Apprentices will learn how to identify business needs, analyse data, and provide valuable insights to drive informed decision-making within organisations.

The Business Analyst Apprenticeship is a stepping stone to career progression for anyone interested in business analysis as a profession. The apprenticeship is recognised by most employers as the best formal entry point to a career in business analysis; an ideal launching pad for a rewarding career in business analysis.

Core Modules

The curriculum covers key areas such as:

  • Change Management
  • Business Analyst Fundamentals
  • Data Analysis          
  • Business Comprehension
  • Process Improvements
  • Business Solutions & Change Design
  • Requirement Gathering
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Project Management                                          

Monthly on-the-job training & mentoring

In partnership with employers, we conduct regular one-to-one progress reviews with apprentices to monitor & validate continued learning of required skills & knowledge needed for their role.

Concluding with the end-point assessment gateway

When working at the required standard and backed by their own comprehensive portfolio, the apprentice undertakes a graded End Point Assessment (EPA), achieveing a Pass, Merit or Disctinction in their apprenticeship.

Delivery Model

Our Business Analyst L4 apprenticeship programme can be delivered via a ‘hot start’ model whereby individuals join an immersive full time 8-10 week training programme, followed continuous ‘on the job‘ training sessions- weekly or monthly day/half day modules for circa 16 months.

Alternatively, to suit employers who require their employees in their roles at the start of their employment, or to suit employees up-skilling whilst doing their existing roles. Learners can follow a more traditional model of day or half day modules and is open for discussion based on the company needs.