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UK Government Funded Science Apprenticeships

Premium Apprenticeships for Science Based Roles Across All Industries

We also provide free recruitment services if you require new hires to enrol on our professional apprenticeship programmes

Recruit & Train a new ApprenticeTrain Existing Staff

Building & Growing Careers through Science Apprenticeships

The S&A Science Academy is the leading UK provider of Scientific & Laboratory training and professional apprenticeships.

We offer a diverse range of commerical training programmes as well as providing Ofsted regulated and government levy funded professional science apprenticeships. From laboratory technicians (L3) through to Science Technicians (L5) and beyond. Our apprenticeships offer progression routes from one level to another, meaning that all levels are accessible to S&A delegates.

For Individuals

S&A Science Academy based professional apprenticeships are paid jobs with the added benefit of ongoing professional, part time, training. Giving you a rewarding learning experience leading to recognised qualifications. Our programmes are appropriate for all stages of your career and can lead to a master’s degree level qualification. They’re designed to suit your actual role and career aspirations.

You can apply for an open vacancy with one of our employers or, if you’re already employed, we can help explain the benefits of allowing you to complete a part time apprenticeship to your employer. It is usually free to an employer.

For Employers

The S&A Science Academy is the UK leader in delivering Government funded professional apprenticeships for science and laboratory-based careers. We teach all government curriculums such as Laboratory Technician (L3), Technician Scientist (L5) and Science Manufacturing Technician (L5) as well as apprenticeships customised to specific industry roles.

Programmes can run part-time, with little impact to existing job responsibilities, last from 15 – 36 months and can be fully funded by the UK Government through the Apprenticeship Levy Tax.

We offer FREE recruitment services to replace, or support, your own capabilities. We can also train your existing staff to support their Continuous Professional Development (CPD).


Employers - Want a Customised Apprenticeship Programme for Your Business?

We have built a number of heavily modified apprenticeship programmes for specific industry roles. From plastic manufacturing to wind farm maintenance engineers.

If you’d like a funded apprentice, but need lots of ‘bells and whistles’ added to their learning programme, we can help.

CustomisedIndustry Apprenticeships

Life Sciences & Pharma

Research & Development


Constuction & Concrete Testing

Environmental Sciences

Manufacturing & Plastics

Food & Beverage Testing

Materials Development & Testing

Wind Farm Engineering

Science & Laboratory Professionals

Professional Apprenticeships at L3 & L5

For individuals already employed or new recruits 

Available for individuals already in employment, or to employers taking our free recruitment services, we provide several pioneering apprenticeship programmes. Each co-designed with employers to suit the actual job specifications, and delivered part time without any adverse effects on the current job performance.


For New Hires or Existing Employees

Train existing employees, or new hires, to help employers boost in demand skills

Fully Funded Training

for apprenticeship levy payers and heavily subsidised for non-levy employers

Targeted Role Based Training

and education tailored to the actual role, and, often industry, to develop professional careers.


is free for employers placing new hires onto out apprenticeship programmes

A Credible Career Strategy

when compared to traditional university routes providing paid, job specific, learning instead of university debt and delivering more loyal and engaged employees.

We are a UK Government approved apprenticehsip provider regulated by Ofsted and the ESFA with a 100% focus on quality outcomes for employers and apprentices.

Choose from several industry leading apprenticeship programmes or, for employers, chose an industry customised apprenticeship programme or work with us to design a new one just for you!

Technician Scientist 

Level 5

36 Months, Part Time



  1. Applied Biology
  2. Applied Chemistry

This 36 month programme is designed for individuals who would like to develop a solid foundation of knowledge within their Scientific Role, including routes in either Biology or Chemistry.

 The course is designed for those looking to progress into more senior roles within the Laboratory, or from a L3 Apprenticeship who would like to learn more about the theory behind what they do. As a Research Technician, Senior Technician or Formulation Technician Apprentice you will carry out established laboratory-based investigations carried out in your particular industry in life science and basic scientific experimentation using bench and instrumentation techniques contribute to solutions to problems within the wider scientific team, using appropriate project management procedures.

Delivered ‘in person’ via our unique online platform, the course will equip future scientists with the skills needed to be able to work effectively in the Laboratory. Teaching is delivered remotely via immersive online training throughout the apprenticeship.

Entry Requirements

Experience is the Science industry or relevant L3 Apprenticeship in a Science 

Science Manufacturing Technician

Level 3

21 Months, Part Time



  1. Life Science
  2. Materials

This 21 month apprenticeship programme is designed for individuals working in a manufacturing environment in the Life Science sector and is aligned to the pharmaceutical industry covering topics such as GMP, ICHP and HACCP as well as key health and safety principles.

The course is designed for those looking to progress into manufacturing-based roles, or existing employees who would like to learn more about the theory behind what they do. A science manufacturing technician will operate the systems and equipment involved in the production of products within the Pharmaceutical Industry.

 Individuals will also complete either the HNC in Applied Chemistry or Biology as part of this programme.

Entry Requirements

L2 English and Maths qualification. A Level 3 qualification in Science is preferred.

Laboratory Technician

Level 3

21 Months, Part Time



  1. Quality Technician
  2. Laboratory Assistant
  3. Teaching Technicians
  4. Materials Technician

This 18-21 month apprenticeship programme designed specially for quality technicians and laboratory assistants working in the life science sector, embeds three fundamental components which we believe makes someone successful in this industry.

  • Scientific underpinning knowledge in Biology & Chemistry
  • Technique enhancement for example measuring masterclasses to ensure you are able to make solutions, weigh out and aliquot solutions effectively.
  • Developing an understanding of laboratory quality process, problem solving techniques and continuous improvement techniques i.e. CAPA, Six Sigma is designed for individuals working in a laboratory role performing testing activities.

The course is designed for those looking to progress into lab based roles, or existing employees who would like to learn more about the theory behind what they do.

 Delivered ‘in person’ via our unique online platform, the course will equip your future scientists with the skills needed to be able to work effectively in the Laboratory on Day 1.

Teaching is delivered as a traditional weekly day by way of immersive online delivery sessions.

 Our Apprentices each have the opportunity to perform experimental technique in their own home with equipment sent directly to their door. This includes; balances, pipettes, pH meters and relevant glassware.

Entry Requirements

Individuals undertaking this programme must be employed in a laboratory based role.

Onboard a capable employee in less than 3 months after your first contact with us!

We have dozens of screened, capable, motivated aspiring Science apprenticeship candidates ready to hire right now. Get in touch to find your perfect new hire and we will train them to outstanding levels.

1 - Front Loaded Bootcamps
1 - Front Loaded Bootcamps

10 Week Immersive Full Time Training

Our ‘Hot Start‘ model is designed for situations whereby an employer wants a certain level of skills and competence embedded into employees before they start in a new job or division within the company. Apprentices start with full time learning in The S&A Science Academy before joining their new teams and then continue through the rest of the programme on a part time, 1/2 day release in schedules to suit their employer.


Traditional Progressive Learning with Day Release

Our progressive learning apprenticeship programmes suit employers and individuals who can benefit from being in their roles from day 1. Or to suit already employed individuals looking to obtain new skills and qualifications whilst continuing in their current role. Designed to have only positive effects to employers, the programme schedule has been expertly designed to utilise small learning modules on a weekly, or monthly, basis

Idustry Relevant, Job-Role Specific

Choose from TWO Delivery Models

Our apprenticeship programmes are designed to suit every employers need, and can be tailored and customised by inserting extra learning modules, industry certifications and / or additional qualifications required.

  • FT Bootcamps or Weekly, Monthly Modules 100% 100%
  • Add Extra Modules, Certifications and Qualifications 100% 100%
  • Customised to Suit Several Industry Sectors 100% 100%
  • Fully Funded Training for New or Existing Employees 100% 100%
  • Suits Individuals from 16 – 60 Years Old 100% 100%
Perfect for innovative employers looking to maximise value from their apprenticeship levy taxes, support employees through Learning & Development or to attract and retain high performing staff.