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L4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship


A Sales Executive is a sales person working in either the Business to Business or Business to Consumer markets with responsibility to sell a specific product line or service. They plan their sales activities, lead the end-to-end sales interaction with the customer and manage their sales internally within their organisation.

They will be responsible for retaining and growing a number of existing customer accounts, and generating new business by contacting prospective customers, qualifying opportunities and bringing the sales process to a mutually acceptable close. Typically, a Sales Executive will deal with a single point of contact for each sale, and will present a pre-considered value proposition. The entire sales process may be completed during a single customer ‘conversation’, or over a series of interactions.  



Funding Band: £6,000 

If you are a levy paying employer, you can use your levy funds for this programme. If you are an SME and don’t pay into the government levy, then you can get funding of at least 95% for this programme.

Course Description

The Sales Executive Level 4 apprenticeship programme is suitable for a salesperson who needs development or a whole sales team, our flexible approach to our sales apprenticeship programmes will provide them with the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to close more business at better margins.

A Sales Executive understands their organisation’s product(s) or service(s) in detail, and is an expert at analysing customer needs and creating solutions by selecting appropriate product(s) or service(s), linking their features and benefits to the customer’s requirements. A Sales Executive will develop customer relationships by establishing rapport and building trust and confidence in their own and their organisation’s capabilities through demonstration of detailed product knowledge, competitor knowledge and an understanding of the market in which they operate, and by ensuring a positive customer experience.

Curriculum contains modules and themes such as:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Closing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presenting solutions
  • Teamwork with collaboration

Professional Recognition:

Achievement of the standard meets the eligibility requirements for Sales Certification at Level 4 with the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP).

Duration / Delivery Model

15 – 18 Months

The Sales Executive L4 apprenticeship programme can be delivered face to face via workshops, webinars, one to one monthly coaching or it can be delivered using a complete blended solution.
We’ll design and deliver the programme around what works best for you and in the format that is right for you.

Alternatively, to suit employers S&A Academy cater for large levy organisations and SMEs to design and create bespoke content and delivery with a collective group of individuals from the same organisation. This apprenticeship is  suited for employees up-skilling whilst doing their existing roles or newly recruited sales professionals.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

  • Work based project
  • Presentation including a sales pitch with Q&As
  • Professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence