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What if we told you…

You could have a constant supply of newly skilled, engaged, and motivated employees ready to seamlessly slot into your working environment.

Arriving with not only the academic or technical skills required, but with practical knowledge and industry specific experience required to deliver immediate value to your business.

What if we told you these new employees would understand your culture, be statistically more likely to stay longer and would most likely cost less than offshore resources or University graduates.

What if we told you they would grow with your company and form a key part of your future management and succession planning proposals. What if we told you all this can be supplied by us at little or no additional cost to you?


  • Get a constant supply of junior talent
  • Talent ready to grow within your business
  • Arriving with workplace, industry and trade relevant skills
  • Eager to learn, grateful for opportunity, statistically more likely to stay
  • All professionally trained in career skills by industry experts
  • With a multitude of continued training and career development opportunities


  • £10K’s of additional highly valued training modules delivered on many of our apprenticeships, above the core curriculum
  • A managed lifecycle of junior professional talent supplied to businesses with further continious learning opportunities to develop experienced also available
  • Increased employee retention, engagement and motivation as apprentices train for work they want to do, securing new and legacy skills within the workforce
  • Talent growing through your ranks with increasing accountability
  • Continuous ‘Masterclass’ programmes over 18 months
  • Enrolment and access to The S&A Academy Alumni
  • Access to S&A Group company benefits
* Government funding rules are complicated. Whilst many companies can attract 100% of funding, some may be required to pay a small contribution, often 5% of the total training cost. Contact Us for a Full Appraisal of the funding rules and how they will be applied to your company. Regardless, our value-added training is superior.


We take all the hard work out of selecting, recruiting and training your professional apprentices.

We will also remove the complexity and administration burden of the apprenticeship levy on your behalf.

Customise your Delivery Style

Front Loaded Fulltime Bootcamps? Progressive Learning or Block Release? Mix and Match?

We run different types of apprenticeship model, and many of our clients like to put their employees on a mixed learning roadmap.

Our technology clients seem to prefer the immersive ‘bootcamp’ model. In this approach, we take new apprentices and train them full time, inside our Academy, for circa 12 weeks and then train them for a further 15+ months in a hybrid model whilst they work in their employers teams. This suits role types like software engineers as they require a level of competence before they can provide value in the workplace. However, for advanced courses like data science, where employers cannot afford to lose staff for weeks on end, a day release model can work better.

Our Science/Lab based clients love both. An immersive delivery model means employees are safe and capable in the lab straight after bootcamp (10 weeks). However, a junior lab technician, with the right supervision, can we a useful staff member on day 1 so a more traditional ‘day release’ is more useful to an employer. Get in touch to discuss which option suits you best.

Some Things About Apprenticeships

16 - 60+ Age Range

We can recruit and/or train your employees in apprenticeships from 16+ to almost any age!

Apprenticeships for Anyone

Our current record is 62 years old and given its success we aim to beat 62! It is a myth that UK government subsidised apprenticeships are for young people only, for manual trades only, for people who can’t get into University, are not for people who have been to University, are the modern ‘YTS’ etc.

Re Train Existing Employees

Employers can effectively use the apprenticeship training programme not just to train new employees but also to re-train or re-skill current employees.

Don't Make Staff Redundant!

You may be surprised that most of your current employees will qualify for an apprenticeship programme. They're a great way to train 'up' employees and help with their Learning & Development. Many of our clients retrain staff into very different roles. Got a BA who wants to be a Coder?

Bootcamps, Residential or Continuous Learning

Employers benefit from our highly flexible delivery models so your employees deliver maximum impact at work.

Highly Flexible Delivery

Choose from several different apprenticeship delivery models to suit your business. Including upfront 10-12 week full time training camps for highly technical roles like software engineers. So they hit the ground running!

Remember – You don’t have to pay us to recruit your apprentices. We will recruit any new employee for you that’s placed onto our professional apprenticeships. Our programmes are subsidised by the UK Government apprenticeship levy.

Few opportunities in buisiness are this good

A typical business hiring junior professional talent will either look to their recruitment partner or use an in-house graduate scheme. Both of which take time and money. With recruitment 50-50 at best, a company is often paying top-dollar for just a few years’ experience, as well as paying c20% in recruitment fees! Our solution solves all these challenges for our clients. We will recruit new employees, and train them specifically to do the job you need them to do.


Our Way


Fees & Delays

You Pay £10k+ in recruitment fees for every new hire
We constantly run candidate selection programmes which you can choose from so you pay NO recruitment fees

Time to Recruit

New Employees

You have to start, run and complete recruitment campaigns as required.
Our monthly selection programmes ensure quality new apprenticeship candidates are always available for you to choose from

Staff Onboarding


Graduate Schemes typically land in baulk once a year
Our programmes run constantly and can be aligned to provide new employees every month if required

Skills for the

Specific Job

University teaches set academic qualifications to suit examinations
Our Professional Apprenticeships are built with our industry partners and aligned to all the skills required to allow the new employee to seamlessly fit into your workplac

Retention &


Graduates are notorious for job hopping and chasing higher salaries
Apprentices grow with you and quickly become loyal and eager to build a career with the Company (and humans) that sponsored them through their apprenticeships


Time to Value

New employees need time to learn the employers environment
Our Apprentices can choose to start with a 3 month full time immersive bootcamp. So they provide immediate value when they land in your business. They then continue learning over a further 15-18 months

Email, call or fill in our contact form to get expert help and advice on hiring apprentices for your business. Talk to an official Ofsted regulated provider who can manage all the processes and compliance needs on your behalf!

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From how the government levy works for employers, how our 'professional' apprenticeships differ from others and how to apply for an apprenticeship yourself or hire or train an apprentice as an employer.
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