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Tailored CX & Customer Contact Solutions

Developing Careers & Skills in Customer Service
For New Agents & New Team LeadersFor Ops Manager & Executives

We are Promoting CX & Customer Contact Careers at Every Level

We know some of the greatest CEO’s in the world started their careers in a CX or call centre role. Where they built valuable skills in sales, service, customer & people management. But what if they were never given a chance to grow?

At the S&A Business Academy, we focus on nurturing new CX talent all the way through their careers, from first day in a call centre to first day in a Boardroom, and beyond. 

“In any business, it’s the way you treat your customers that sets you apart. Through selecting and recruiting the right individuals, and continually investing in their skills and capabilities, your business will thrive.”

We are Making CX a Career of Choice

We understand that Customer Contact is often overlooked as a career of choice. With entry level candidates often drawn to more traditional career paths, largely influenced by advice promoted by schools, colleges and universities. We are challenging that for the good of the industry.

Through The S&A CX Academy

In early 2023 we launched the Customer Contact Division within our Business Academy. Built specifically to help promote and establish genuine career pathways from entry level and beyond, for all those individuals who have what it takes to thrive in the Customer Contact Sector and become the industry professionals of the future.

S&A provide Government funded apprenticeships, and specialist commercial training and development solutions forDeveloping a Fulfilling Career in CX

We have combined our professional apprenticeship programmes, commercial training modules and specialist skills training to create focused training pathways specific to the CX career path.

Providing Recognised Qualifications for CX Careers

As a regulated education provider, we are releasing our Ofqual registered official qualifications for CX qualifications in June 2024 with current students able to take these prestigious examinations.

We deliver training and personal development programmes, including certifications and recognised qualifications, for the whole CX career pathway from new starter to Ops Director.

From Day 1 Starters to Board Executives

For example, our government funded L2 apprenticeships are suitable for day 1 agents whilst our L7 Executive Leadership programmes, equivalent to a UK Masters Degree, will suit experienced Board executives. We understand that Customer Contact is often overlooked as a career of choice. With entry level candidates often drawn to more traditional career paths, largely influenced by advice promoted by schools, colleges and universities.

Providing your staff with continuous training and development not only helps their development but also increases retention and employee engagement.

CX Apprenticeships & Specialist Commercial Training

Our programmes are co-designed by CX professionals and our Academy instructors to meet the specific needs of Industry

Our clients can get upto 100% fully funded, focused CX training, for their current or new employees, using our apprenticeship training for up to 36month programmes

Creating the CX Professionals of the Future

The S&A Business Academy Contact Centre Solutions

We all know it’s the pivotal roles within Customer Services & CX functions that truly enable businesses to create positive experiences for their customers. This is achieved through the art of effective communication, genuine empathy, and finding solutions that leave a long-lasting impact.  The “Contact Centre” can provide many career pathways which offer not just a job but a chance to grow in a fast-paced environment, develop valuable skills, and be part of a supportive team that recognises and rewards your contributions.

Embarking on a career in customer service, in whatever form, provides plenty of opportunities to grow into team leaders, managers, division and business leaders. Offering successful people, a realistic route to a 6-figure salary and key executive positions. Such a career path presents many opportunities to diversify into; Sales, Service, IT Support, Specialist Complaints, Project Management, Business Transformation, and Regulatory Supervision as well as many other rewarding specialist functions.

Within our Business Academy, we are on a mission to promote the Customer Contact industry as a “Career of Choice” by explaining the benefits & opportunities of the sector to real people who are looking for a genuinely progressive career opportunity

CX Apprenticeships & Specialist Commercial Training

Our apprenticeships are Ofsted regulated, government funded training programmes usually available at no, or very low, cost to UK employers when delivered by an approved and regulated training provider like The S&A Academy.



Customer Service Practitioner (Level 2)

Customer Service Specialist (Level 3)

Business Administration (Level 3)

CX Team Leader (Level 3)

Sales Executive (Level 4)

Business Analyst (Level 4)

CX Operations Manager (Level 5)

Executive Leadership (Level 7)

Specialist Commercial


Improving Team Performance (2 days)

Conflict Resolution (1 day)

Mindfulness for Mgrs (1 Day)

Managing Change (1 Day)

Impactful Response Writing (1 Day)

B2B & B2C Sales Training (1 day)

Behavioural Science (2 Days)

ICT & Cyber Training (Various)

Professional apprenticeships are government funded, Ofsted regulated training programmes for new, or existing, employees. They are delivered by accredited training providers like The S&A Academy over a course of 12-36 months and are usually free to employers. Delivered via front-loaded full-time training weeks or via weekly/monthly ½ day modules.

Our Customised Professional Apprenticeship Programmes provide a whole host of benefits. Not only do we provide highly professional training at little or no cost to employers, but we also run monthly selection and recruitment programmes all over the UK to constantly maintain a pool of ready made candidates.
Whilst we are here to train your current employees via our UK Government Apprenticeship Levy subsidised programmes, you can also gain free access to our screened and readily available job seekers from our sister company, S&A Resourcing Solutions.


Note: Clients placing S&A Resourcing Solutions candidates onto one of our professional apprenticeship programmes is entitled to inclusive search, selection and recruitment services.

Some reasons to engage The S&A Academy’s Training Professionals to Develop Your Workforce

Attract the best new talent

Show prospective employees you are serious about developing their new careers through progressive professional training and qualifications.

UK Government Funded Professional Training

We are an Ofsted regulated, ESFA funded accredited training provider and can provide training funded training. Most employers will pay no, or very little, costs towards our professional training.

Increase Engagement through CPD

Increase staff engagement, productivity and retention through delivering a successful employee Continious Professional Development programme

Avoid Recruitment Fees

Avoid, or reduce, recruitment fees through utilising our complimentary recruitment services for new employees and remove new recruitment needs through reduced attrition and internal promotions.

CX Customised Training

We are the only business focused on developing professional apprenticeships for the CX industry and will work with clients to further build customised training programmes to suit your sepcific needs

Incentivise Employees & Reduce Attrition

Incentivise your employees with continuous career development opportunities and increase motivation and decrease attrition. Most employees starting a 18-36month apprenticeship will look to achieve their full qualification.

Our Apprenticeships & Commercial Training

S&A Academy Focused Training Programmes for Customer Contact Centre Solutions

We have designed a number of focused CX training programmes but can also combine a number of our other products to construct unique programmes for your business.

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