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Tackling the Skills Shortage in STEM

by | Oct 27, 2023 | 0 comments

The S&A Academy tackles skills development in the Science Industry.

It’s great to see our very own Jemma Perks discussing how we can develop scientific skills through government funded programmes as featured in FE Week, highlighting the importance of ensuring Scientists have the right skills for their role.

At S&A Academy our Scientific Apprenticeships support employers who are looking for a new way to recruit their staff as well as supporting employees who have accidentally found themselves in a Science based role and would like to gain formal advanced and higher level qualifications without funding this independently.

Young people are finding that it’s never too late to start a new career in science, even if they lack the formal STEM qualifications that employers might normally expect. Others have fallen into a science-related job by accident, but now require certain qualifications and training to progress to the next level in their career.

Identifying these ‘accidental’ scientists and giving them access to flexible, higher-level training, which doesn’t require them to attend university could help employers to attract and retain the talent they need to grow their businesses. Crucially, it could also help to close the STEM skills gap which, if left unaddressed, could undermine the UK’s economic prosperity.


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