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Onshoring tech talent the apprenticeship way -The S&A Academy

by | Oct 27, 2023 | 0 comments

S&A featured in The Engineer UK Magazine…

Darren Coomer CEO of The S&A Transform Group  recently shared his insights with The Engineer UK, highlighting the key benefits of business utilising Apprenticeship training to bring Technology & Skills back to the UK.

With more talented tech engineers choosing to work remotely from overseas, and others opting for the Great Resignation, there is an urgent need for UK industry to onshore vital skills, says Darren Coomer, CEO of The S&A Group and The S&A Academy.


Since the pandemic, many digital and other tech-led transformation projects have either stalled or been cut altogether. In some cases, talent shortages have caused salaries for those with the right mix of qualifications and project experience to rise sharply, and retaining key individuals has become an ongoing challenge for UK-based manufacturers.

Manufacturers need to act quickly to address the shortage of tech engineers by upskilling their existing workforce and onboarding new skills, or risk losing market share. They can’t afford to wait for students to complete three-year Computer Science degrees, they need experienced people with up-to-date skills now. But what can they do and where should they start?The reasons for the shortage of tech engineers are well documented. As well as the great talent migration, over many years the education system has failed to attract sufficient young people to train in these vital skills.

Contact us to get involved in our on-shoring project to bring Tech skills back to the UK.


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