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Science Apprenticeship Success

by | Apr 16, 2024 | 0 comments

Science Apprenticeship Success

Interested to know more about Science Apprenticeships? Hear from one of our very own L3 Laboratory Technician Apprentices, Lacey Andrews below.

“Science always held an appeal, but I hadn’t found the perfect career fit. Traditional routes felt restrictive, and some required qualifications I hadn’t achieved. Apprenticeships offered the ideal solution: learning and working within the science industry while earning a qualification – a win-win! Coming back to science after a break presented some initial challenges. The core learning content pushed me to refresh my knowledge, but thankfully, it all came flooding back quickly. The delivery sessions are fantastic! They encourage questions, and the resources provided ensure I never get stuck for long.

 These sessions are a dynamic mix of lectures, engaging videos,challenging activities, and interactive group discussions. I particularly enjoy the group work. It’s a great way to connect with fellow apprentices, learn about their roles, and collaborate. My advice for anyone starting an apprenticeship? Dive in headfirst and be fully committed. Attending sessions is just one piece of the puzzle. Actively participate at work, in sessions, and in all opportunities presented. This maximizes your learning and growth.

 Technical roles require a strong theoretical foundation alongside practical skill. Mastering the core concepts taught in the assignments is crucial. Completing them promptly allows for swift feedback, which accelerates your development in the role. Admittedly, starting at The Thinking School was daunting. My colleagues were already adept, handling complex tasks with expertise. However, their support has been incredible. They understand that I’m learning and are always happy to explain both the theory and procedures behind their work.

 This apprenticeship has transformed my initial trepidation into genuine passion. I’m excited to continue learning and growing within this dynamic field!”


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If you’d like to find out how you can utilise science based apprenticeships in your business or help someone you know access a science apprenticeship get in touch here.

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