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Lab Tech Apprentice Scores Distinction

by | May 1, 2024 | 0 comments

Laboratory technician apprentice scores distinction

One of our recent graduates Ellie, achieved a distinction in her Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship, here she shares her experience from the last 18 months.

Why did you apply for the L3 Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship?

I applied for the apprenticeship due to my longstanding interest in the scientific sector, which I find fascinating. The opportunity to engage in work that genuinely captures my interest represents a significant advantage. My experience in college was less fulfilling as it lacked a practical, hands-on approach and did not provide me with the ‘real-world’ experience. In contrast, the apprenticeship model has enriched me with extensive knowledge, skills, and practical experience. It has also enabled me to effectively transfer theoretical knowledge from my academic studies to practical applications within my workplace.

How did you find your experience learning with S&A?

During my studies with S&A Academy, I was required to present my work to groups. This experience significantly enhanced my self-assurance as it was something I was always afraid of. In my current role, I frequently present data, respond to inquiries, and impart knowledge about my work to various groups, leveraging the confidence and skills I developed during my apprenticeship.

The most rewarding part of my apprenticeship was achieving a Distinction. Seeing all the hard work and dedication that I put in payoff is an amazing feeling. Another significant accomplishment was being named ‘Best Problem Solver of 2023’ by S&A Academy. It is gratifying to know that my efforts are recognized and valued.

What advice would you give to aspiring scientists?

If you are considering an apprenticeship, I would wholeheartedly recommend pursuing it. An apprenticeship offers the best of both worlds: you gain substantial theoretical knowledge and then have the opportunity to apply this learning in a practical setting at your workplace. Should you decide to undertake an apprenticeship, I encourage you to fully commit to the experience. The sense of accomplishment you feel when achieving the grade you desire at the conclusion is immensely rewarding.

Interested in finding out more?

The S&A Academy offeres Science based Apprenticeships at Pre-Graduate, Graduate and Masters levels. If you’d like to find out how you can utilise science based apprenticeships in your business or help someone you know access a science apprenticeship get in touch here.

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