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Business Analyst Apprenticeships

For New or Existing Employees
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Business Analysts – The “Swiss Army Knife” and possible future CEO of every Organisation

A business analyst (BA) plays a crucial role in helping organizations improve their processes, make informed decisions, and achieve their business objectives. The specific duties and responsibilities of a business analyst can vary depending on the organisation and the industry, but generally, BAs perform the a number of critical tasks, either independently or as part of a bigger change team.

Business Analysts are essential in translating business needs into actionable plans and solutions. They work across various domains and industries, facilitating communication between business stakeholders and technical teams to ensure that projects are delivered successfully and align with the organization’s goals.

What do Busines Analysts do?

Below are just some of the very many activities typical business analysts undertake during the course of their career.


Employers – We Will Search for, Select, Recruit & Train ALL your Business Analysts.

Either new or existing employees

L4 BA Apprenticeship
Foundation BA Certificate
Certificate in BA Practices
International BA Diploma

L4 Professional Apprenticeships in Business Analysis

Course Length: 12 – 18 Months, Delivered in various formats from upfront 6 week bootcamps, residential weeks and weekly or monthly day release. For existing employees, can be delivered in simple day release sessions each month.

Our Business Analyst programmes ensure that your employees maximise training time to deliver you value quickly.  They will quickly learn how to understand the needs of stakeholders and how these can be met through BA skills for both business and IT change. Our training builds change professionals that help organisations deliver business and digital change successfully.

Our training offering is suitable for a range of roles, including Business Analysts,  management or quality assurance, which combine knowledge of business analysis with their other responsibilities. We ensure our programmes help businesses to understand the current organisational situation, identify future needs and define solutions to meet those needs, often in relation to digital technology. Business Analysts can gain an excellent understanding of the way the organisation works and the sector it operates in.

Our experienced trainers and coaches are industry experts, as business analysts and  consultants helping organisations implement full business analysis strategies.

We heavily leverage our sister company, The S&A Transform Group, consultants to bring a real-world perspective to our BA training in a way no other training provider could.  Get in touch to learn more!

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Length : 3 Days + 1 Day Exam

The foundation certificate is designed for people who want to understand business analysis, support change and improve business processes. Suitable for business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers

Alternatively, learners might be looking to gain the Business Analysis International Diploma by taking this course as the start of their pathway, earning an industry-standard qualification in business analysis.

The learner could hold one of the following roles

  • Business analyst,
  • Product owner
  • Change manager
  • Business manager

Alternatively, learners might be looking to move into a business analyst role and require the skills covered in this course to progress.

Participants will gain a broad understanding of business analysis, including:

  • The role and competencies of a business analyst
  • How to identify and evaluate options for improving your business
  • Investigative techniques, including interviews, workshops, prototyping and scenarios
  • How to categorise, analyse and manage stakeholders
  • Making a business case and assessing feasibility

How to document, manage and validate requirements.

BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

Length: 3 Days + 1 Day Exam

The Certificate in Business Analysis practice is for people who already have a business analysis role and want to gain a deeper understanding of business analysis strategy and application

Suitable for business analysts, business managers and members of their team, business change managers and project managers.

The syllabus covers how to develop a business strategy and how to explore a business issue. You’ll learn how to apply a range of business analysis techniques and look at a range of issues including:

  • The strategic context
  • How to analyse stakeholder perspectives
  • How to analyse and model business activities
  • How to identify potential solutions
  • How to make a strong business case

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Change

Length: Each module takes 3 days delivery followed by an exam

The International Diploma is designed for business and IT professionals who want to demonstrate they have a detailed understanding of business analysis best practice. You will need to pass four modules then sit an oral exam.

Core modules – you must pass both of these:

Business Analysis Practice
Learn how to take a holistic approach to the investigation and improvement of business analysis.

Knowledge based modules – you must pass one of these:

Business Analysis Foundation
Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of business analysis principles and techniques – most delegates start their journey towards the Diploma with this certificate.

Business Change
Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of business change principles and processes.

IS Project Management
Demonstrate and execute project management principles in the context of IS/IT applications.

Organisational Behaviour
Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of organisational behaviour and business finance.

Practitioner modules – you must pass one of these:

Modelling Business Processes
Learn how to apply business process modelling and analysis techniques and understand a framework for business process improvement

Systems Modelling Techniques
Learn how to construct three types of models and describe interactions between them

Systems Development Essentials
Focus on the systems investigation and quality assurance that underpins all systems development.

Data Management Essentials
Show you can implement good practice in data management, develop procedures for managing corporate data and work with the data management team.

Benefits Management and Business Acceptance

Validate your knowledge, skills and capabilities with the internationally recognised BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis