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Build your career in Software Development with The S&A Academy and our professional apprenticeships

The S&A Academy’s immersive Software Developer apprenticeship, fuses together the best of modern commercial training with university-level foundational knowledge.

With an engineering-driven approach, this apprenticeship equips apprentices with the core computer science knowledge that you can apply throughout your whole career. This ensures that you have amazing problem-solving abilities, algorithmic thinking skills and a sound understanding of how software works, which you can apply to all modern technologies.

Crucially, you will learn how to use modern development frameworks like React and Node, giving you an unfair advantage over other junior coders; not only can you think through problems properly, but you can also start contributing quickly to your live products and services like a true professional.

Instead of learning through old-school day-release delivery, the S&A Academy deliver a front-loaded 12 week bootcamp at the start of the apprenticeship. This approach gives apprentices the core skills needed to make an impact in any business immediately.

18 Months Training Condensed into a 3 Month Immersive Bootcamp

Our initial 12 week bootcamps are delivered ‘upfront‘, as part of our complete 18 month Level 4 Software Developer UK Government Apprenticeship Training programme

  • 10-12 Week Standard or ‘industry aligned’ software developer training camps
  • 18 month Full UK Professional Apprenticeships in Software Development & Engineering
  • Multiple ‘value added’ training modules included above and beyond traditional apprenticeship schemes
  • Lifelong career networks and support programmes
  • Pathway to UK Degree Equivilent Qualification
  • Industry Specific tailored apprenticeship programmes for Media, Financial Services, Pharma, Manufacturing and technology companies

We do not have a one-size-fits-all apprenticeship. We work with you to determine your resourcing and skills needs and shape your apprentices’ experience around your business requirements, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to make a quick, positive contribution to your exisiting teams.

What Apprentices Learn

Your apprentices will learn a multitude of programming, project and business skills. Including: –

  • Introduction to Programming Principles with JavaScript and algorithmic thinking
  • Modern Development Workflow and Practice
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Leading development frameworks including Node.js, React and complementary technologies including MongoDB for data management
  • Professional-grade approach with Test-Driven Development, architecture and design patterns, introduction to cloud computing with AWS and more
  • Option to dedicate a week to your business’s specific technology stack, e.g. if you’re a C# studio, your apprentices can have specific training in that for a full week supported by a personal development plan using virtual learning

Whilst in learning they will take part in daily stand-ups, task management with tickets, code reviews, white-boarding sessions, reading documentation to contribute to projects, writing documentation – the lot.

 This full-service programme gives apprentices knowledge and skills that they will be able to apply quickly once they join your production teams full-time. This significantly reduces their onboarding time, meaning they can get stuck into solving problems and making products in the way you want, in the time you need.

12 Week Bootcamp followed by 15 months+ of Continous Training & Education

Months 0-3

Our Software Developer Apprentices begin their professional careers with full time learning in our Academy

We constantly run monthly selection camps for all our apprentice programmes. This is a complimentary ‘search, select and recruit’ service for all our apprenticeship employer clients. Essentially, we do deliver a free recruitment programme for junior software developers. This ensures we can schedule bootcamps to suit the needs of our employer clients.

Months 4-18

A further 15 months+ of hybrid Academy/Employer Learner

After our immersive 12-week bootcamp, your apprentices will be capable and credible to join your workplace teams as junior developers. They will understand the SDLC and be able to contribute positively and safely to your test, dev or DevOps teams. They will be continuously trained and supported by our Academy staff during day release and via block based training which will be designed to suit their jobs and employer needs.

3rd Party End Point Assessment

At the end of their learning, apprentices will undertake a 3rd party independent ‘end point assessment’ to determine they have achieved the required capabilities. Upon successful completion they will be awarded their qualification

Start addressing your software developer talent gap challenges today!

With a decade-long, worldwide engineering shortage – appropriate resource planning has traditionally been extremely difficult. People want to be developers and you need developers. Let’s do this together.

Here’s your opportunity to take ownership of your talent pipeline – by creating your own developers on a course that’s built for your business. Get in touch with us today.

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