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April 2024 Software Developer Bootcamp & Career Builder (12 Week Programme)


Start Date: April 15th, 9:00am.

Location: Online instruction 9am-5pm by professional instructors with optional, but recommended, in-person events

Our 12-week coding bootcamp and career builder programme will teach you the core skills required to be a software developer (engineer) in the modern era. You’ll get full-time instruction for the whole course, combining practical coding lessons and experience with all the required academic knowledge to establish your career in this exciting industry.

The programme will not just teach you basic coding skills, but will also teach you additional skills to allow you to integrate into a real-world, software development team. You’ll get expert instruction from professionally qualified teachers who have taught at university level, as well as from experienced industry software developers and technology leaders. Our programmes are designed to be taught online but we also offer many, optional but recommended, opportunities to attend numerous in-person lessons with your classmates. These will run in all major cities across the UK.

Learn how to develop software in front-end and backend languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React & Node.js. Understand the software language landscape, learn software design principles and methodologies, know how project management works and the differences between waterfall and agile, know how to build software API's and work with and administer databases including SQL & NoSQL, learn DevOps and how to use code repositories to deliver continuous integration and many many more useful skills to develop your career in software development.

Check out our bootcamp webpage for more details on the curriculum at Software Developer Bootcamp Page.

Why join an S&A Technology Academy Software Developer & Career Builder Bootcamp?

  • We’ve priced our courses to be the best value in the UK. Not because we offer anything less than our competitors, but because we run our business as a UK Ofsted regulated apprenticeships provider, and hence can use much of our capability in delivering apprenticeships to also deliver private bootcamps. We also offer a number of discounts for individuals in specific situations and supporting finance options.
  • Our courses are taught by professionally qualified teachers who know how to impart knowledge to others, and who have the requisite experience teaching at University level. We also supplement our academic instruction with lessons from industry experienced software development professionals, who have performed roles such as CTO, CIO and Engineering Director. We suggest you check the background and experience of instructors at other training companies.
  • The S&A Transform Group is a leading business and technology transformation business who deliver software development and large scale transformation programmes for the world’s biggest companies. As such we believe we can provide deeper experience and network access than any education provider.
  • We don’t just ‘promise an interview’ after graduation from our coding school. Our bootcamp graduates will be supported of by our sister company, S&A Resourcing Solutions (“RS”). RS is a specialist technology recruitment business who help support candidates in all aspects of developing their careers in technology. Our aim is to support candidates into roles not just into interviews.
  • We don't drop you after the course! Our RS business will actively support you whilst you continue your search for your first technology role. Even if this means years of effort on our part.


  • You will need internet access and full-time use of a laptop or desktop computer. If you don’t have access to a laptop we can loan one at an affordable cost. However, we would prefer you to have your own equipment so you can retain all the work and learning you obtain during the course.

This is The S&A Technology Academy Winter23 Software Developer Bootcamp Curriculum - Learn More

This is The S&A Technology Academy Winter23 Software Developer Bootcamp Curriculum. Our bootcamp programmes are updated every Winter and Summer with the latest teaching methods, new student projects and programming techniques and new software languages and industry news (where relevant). Most of our competitor programmes have not changed for many years. We completely update our programmes AT LEAST every six months. We take learning and feedback from our business clients, past students, instructors and our sister companies delivering across the technology industry. All to ensure our training and subsequent career building support is the latest, most relevant and most successful programme in the UK.

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