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Developing Careers & Skills in Customer Service

Our Customer Service, Contact Centre, Team Leader and Supporting Recruitment and Consulting Services* Solutions are at the Heart of Promoting CS/CX Careers!
*Delivered in partnership with S&A Resourcing Solutions and The S&A Transform Group

Improve Every Metric that Counts

“In any business, it’s the way you treat your customers that sets you apart. Through selecting and recruiting the right individuals, and continually investing in their skills and capabilities, your business will thrive.”

We understand that Customer Contact is often overlooked as a career of choice. With entry level candidates often drawn to more traditional career paths, largely influenced by advice promoted by schools, colleges and universities.

But not here!

In early 2023 we launched the Customer Contact, Service and Experience division within our Business Academy. Built specifically to promote careers in the rewarding and dynamic world of customer contact centres. An industry suited to individuals who enjoy dealing with people, value empathy, are quick thinking and have excellent IT and communication skills.

The S&A Customer Contact, Service & Experience Academy

We are recruiting and / or training, through professional government funded apprenticeships and specialist commercial training programmes, motivated individuals able to step into a role that values the ability to connect with people, solve problems, and provide exceptional service.

As a Customer Contact Centre professional, you’ll be at the forefront of creating positive customer experiences, mastering the art of effective communication, and finding solutions that leave a lasting impact. These careers offer not just a job but a chance to grow in a fast-paced environment, develop valuable skills, and be part of a supportive team that recognizes and rewards your contributions.

Embarking on a career in customer service, in whatever form, provides plenty of opportunities to grow into team leaders, managers, division and business leaders. Offering successful people, a route to a 6-figure salary and key executive positions. Such a career path presents many opportunities to diversity into sales, service, IT support, complaints and regulatory supervision as well as other rewarding specialist careers.

Within our Business Academy, we are on a mission to promote the industry by explaining the benefits of such a diverse set of opportunities that matter to real people, customers with a need.

Get in touch to talk to us about enrolling new, or existing staff onto our commercial or apprenticeship training programmes for customer facing staff.

CX Apprenticeships & Specialist Commercial Training

Our apprenticeships are government funded training programmes available to UK employers when delivered by an approved and regulated training provider like The S&A Academy.


Customer Practitioner L2

Customer Specialist L3

Business Admin L3

CS Team Leader L3

CS Operations Manager L5

Senior CX executive Leader L7

Elite Training

Behavioural Science

Builing Resilience

B2B & B2B Sales Skills

Impactful Customer Writing

Difficult Customer Management

Cyber & IT Skills

Our Customised Professional Apprenticeship Programmes provide a whole host of benefits. Not only do we provide highly professional training at little or no cost to employers, but we also run monthly selection and recruitment programmes all over the UK to constantly maintain a pool of ready made candidates. Whilst we can, and would love to, train your current employees via our UK Government Levy subsidised programmes, you can also gain free access to our screened and ready candidates available today.

Why trust The S&A Academy to train youremployees?

Reward & Incentivise

your employees by investing in their future careers and improve overall attrition 

Customised Training

We’ll create training plans that meet the real needs of your business through combining elements from all our academies. 

Government Funded Training

As a regulated and approved ESFA and Ofsted training provider, we can help you benefit from government funding to train your new or existing employees

Reduce Recruitment Fees

We will help you reduce annual recruitment fees and agency spend through lower attrition, less recruitment and by taking advantage of our sister companies free recruitment fees for apprentices.