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Fancay a career in quality engineering?

We Build Software Testing & Quality Engineering Careers! Testing is critical in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Often outsourced to 3rd parties the trend over the last decade has been towards companies building their own internal software testing teams. Whatever project methodology you follow, we can help recruit, train and deliver you credible, capable and highly skilled quality engineers to ensure your software projects deliver faultlessley.

We have two main routes to becomming a fully fledged Software Tester/QA.

The UK’s only dedicated software testing academy

We deliver professional training in areas such as: –

  • 10-12 Week Standard or bespoke software testing training camps
  • 18 month Full UK Professional Apprenticeships in Software Testing & Quality Engineering
  • Testing for Developers
  • DevOps QA Training
  • Automation Script Writing 

Our S/W Testing courses cover the whole SDLC from architecture and design to maintenance and support inc. using popular testing tools and automation. We also introduce attendees to the wider project methodolgies like agile and ensure they understand their important place in the business eco-system.

We offer Two Main Routes to becoming a Qualified Software Test Engineer

Degree Level 18 Month Professional Apprenticeship

Individuals can undertake an 18 month professional apprenticeship to learn all the skills needed for a career in testing. Attending an upfront training camp they will immediately add value to their employers before a progressive leaning programme over 18 months.

Pre-Requisites –  Interviews

Length – 12 Week Bootcamp – 15 months Academy/Employer Training

Cost £0 to Employers – Funded via the UK Apprenticehsip Levy Scheme

10 Week Immersive Full Time Training Academy

Individuals (or groups of individuals from the same employer) can attend an immersive 10-12 week full timne bootcamp.  This will teach attendees the fundamentals of software testing and enable them to safely undertake a role as a junior software tester.

Pre-Requisites – Aptitude Test and Interviews

Length – 10-12 Weeks depending on options selected

Cost £Contact us for individual, group or organisational costs

As Head of the Software Testing at The S&A Academy (formerly Credersi), I’m proud to lead a team of dedicated professionals with a pure passion for all things Quality Engineering. Together with my instructors and a number of our corporate clients we have created, from the ground up, a modern training programme for the wanna be software tester. 

Going further, in 2022, we worked within the UK Governments Skills Funding Agency framework for professional apprenticeships and have now launched a pioneering Software Testing & QA Apprenticeship. This programme is subsidised by the UK Government Apprenticeship Levy and is offered free for employers. We can train you new, or indeed existing, employees to become qualified testers gaining a professional qualification equal to a UK degree.

I urge my fellow software test professionals to invest in their own UK employees, rather than trust such a critical part of your SDLC to an offshore 3rd party. Give us a try, it costs you nothing so what have you got to lose?

Lawrence ("Floz") Martin

Head of Software Testing, The S&A Academy

SW Tester Apprenticeship

Our pioneering 15 month Level 4 Software Tester Apprenticeship produces well-rounded test engineers that would benefit any software development team.

The course has been developed to version 1.1 of the ST0129 apprenticeship standard.  Implemented with all original theory content rooted in the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level syllabus.  Enhanced throughout with premium & proprietary theoretical topics, hands-on activities, projects and software testing exercises.

To deliver work-ready participants in record-time, the majority of off-the-job learning is front-loaded in a 10 week immersive bootcamp, that includes development and automation of test cases, the use of industry standard tools & testing based toolkits; culminating in a team project to plan for, design, and test an actual software product developed exclusively for this academy.

By the end of the course, new testers will be able to confidently navigate their new role, not just with hard technical skills underpinned by modern testing techniques and principles, but also with resilience, collaborative communication and empathetic understanding of the mind-set of others involved throughout the software development lifecycle.

Pioneering Execution

The saying goes that ‘content is king’ and this is as true of tech apprenticeships every much as is true for software itself.

 Yet to be king, one would expect the quality and substance of content to be far superior to that of the competition.  We believe one differentiator that grants us that crown, is that we truly pioneer delivery of tech courses that carve out new territory to skill the workforce with innovative, insightful and relevant content.

Consider our software testing apprenticeship.  Not only does this provide original content to industry standards, but the course goes beyond that.  Our front-loaded three month bootcamp is designed to also extend that scope, so test engineers are primed to become well-rounded members of software development teams.

Our combination of engaging industry experts, bootcamp specialists, and apprenticeship educators, provide the perfect blend for development of courses that break new ground and bring competitive advantage to our alumni.

The New Standard in Professional Education, Training and Certification

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