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Digital Skills Training for Individuals & Companies

From beginners to experts, we deliver a number of digital skills training programmes to fee paying individuals, groups and companies as well as free short courses to interested individuals.

Build a Career with our 10-12 Week Technology Practitioner Bootcamps

We offer a number of industry crafted Professional Career Builder Training Bootcamps, privately delivered to public and company classes. All are full time programmes, delivered either remotely or via video conference by at least two specialist instructors over the course of circa 12 weeks.

From Beginner to Employable in 10-12 Weeks

The right attitude, and a little bit of aptitude, will transform your life. Our immersive bootcamps take absolute beginners with no coding and limited IT experience through an intensive, full time, training programme to prepare and equip you for a successful career in technology. These self paying bootcamps have launched the careers of many professional software developers, testers, cyber and data analysts and other technology related roles.

Build your Professional Careerwith The S&A Academy

Software Developer Practitioner

From creating complete websites, applications and databases as well as how to work in a project environment.

In 12 Weeks..

Learn the complete fundamentals of coding from design to release inc. front / back end programming and languages such as JavaScript and C#. Build a website and applications, learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, APIs, database design and administration.

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Software Tester Practitioner

Build a career in Software Testing and Quality Engineering inc. certification in ISTQB to land that first 'job'.

In 10 Weeks..

A 10 week immersive bootcamp, that includes development and automation of test cases, the use of industry standard tools & testing based toolkits; culminating in a team project to plan for, design, and test an actual software product.

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DevOps Practitioner

Learn to combine software development and IT operations practices to improve an organization's ability to deliver applications and services more efficiently and reliably.

In 6 Weeks..

The role of a DevOps engineer is to bridge the gap between development and operations teams, promoting collaboration, automation, and the use of best practices to achieve continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), and continuous deployment.

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Cyber & Data Practitioners

Cyber & Data Bootcamps for individuals looking to specialise in niche technolog roles.

6 or 12 Weeks

We offer several specialist bootcamps in Cyber and Data related skills suitable for both beginner and experienced IT professionals. Learn to protect digital assets, information, and systems from cyber threats or learn advanced data science and analysis skills.

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Private, Public or Company Training Programmes

We deliver a number of standard and cusomised publically available training courses from 1 day to 3 months.

Below is a selection of technology based training programmes. Contact us for the latest public schedules, or for groups of 5+ get in touch to discuss booking a private training event.

Technology & Digital
Software Testing
Web Development
Business Analysis
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We Teach Modern, Relevant Technologiesin Demand by Employers

Exposure to a World of Technology

It Costs £150k+ to Train to Be a Commercial Pilot

Yet a career in technology can be much more rewarding, more accessible, more exciting for motivated individuals.