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L2 Customer Services Practitioner Apprenticeship


This 12-15 month apprenticeship is offered to the role of a Customer Service Practitioner to deliver high quality products and services to the customers of their organisation. Your core responsibility will be to provide a high quality service to customers which will be delivered from the workplace, digitally, or through going out into the customer’s own locality.

These may be one-off or routine contacts and include dealing with orders, payments, offering advice, guidance and support, meet-and-greet, sales, fixing problems, after care, service recovery or gaining insight through measuring customer satisfaction. You may be the first point of contact and work in any sector or organisation type.


Funding Band: £3,500 

If you are a levy paying employer, you can use your levy funds for this programme. If you are an SME and don’t pay into the government levy, then you can get funding of at least 95% for this programme.

Course Description

The Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 apprenticeship programme is a comprehensive and hands-on training experience designed to prepare individuals for a successful career as a customer service professional. A perfect next step to becoming a customer service team leader and beyond.

Today, the customer service department of any business is essential to its success. Businesses need to ensure that any interaction, whether delivered face-to-face, over the telephone or via email, text, or social media, is a positive and friendly reflection of the organisation.

This Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 apprenticeship has been designed to develop a learner’s customer service skills and help them recognise the impact their role has in fulfilling customer expectations, ensuring repeat business, and enhancing your organisation’s core values. 

The curriculum covers key areas such as:

  • Understanding your customers and organisation
  • Communication skills
  • Up to date legislation and regulations
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Telephone skills

This programme is delivered through a combination of classroom instruction, real-world projects, and ‘on the job’ mentorship, apprentices will gain practical experience in translating customer service objectives in the workplace.

By the end of the programme, apprentices will be confident and well-prepared as a customer service practitioner during their practical observation and submitting high quality evidence. This apprenticeship is an ideal launching pad for a rewarding career in customer services.

Duration / Delivery Model

12 – 15 Months

The Customer Service Practitioner L2 apprenticeship programme is delivered as a flexible blended approach whereby individuals join a cohort training programme, followed with continuous ‘on the job‘ training sessions and receive dedicated 1-2-1 coaching sessions on a monthly basis. 

Alternatively, to suit employers S&A Academy cater for large levy organisations and SMEs to design and create bespoke content and delivery with a collective group of individuals from the same organisation. This apprenticeship is  suited for employees up-skilling whilst doing their existing roles or newly recruited customer service employees.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

  • Showcase portfolio of evidence 
  • Practical observation
  • Professional discussion