Investing in People

Train your Existing Employees
Private TrainingApprenticeships

Place your existing employees onto an apprenticeship programme with us!

Did you know you can train your existing employees by placing them onto a UK Apprenticeship Programme with us? If you’re thinking of cross training employees, then we can help make use of your apprenticeship levy tax payments to help get free or heavily subsidised training. 


New Apprenticeships

Your existing employees can start a new professional apprenticeship programme with us, even if they have worked for you for years.

Switch Apprenticeships

If you, or your current employees are unhappy with their current apprenticeship provider they can switch to one of our programmes.

Private Training Schemes

No levy funding? We can help unlock subsidised training. If not, your employees can still benefit from private training courses with us.

Contact our training consultants to talk through your options.