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Is Solving Your Talent Gap Difficult?

We can source, select, train & deliver junior talent for professional careers in science, business & technology
Professional ApprenticeshipsComplimentary Recruitment


For Employers – We deliver specialist training programmes, professional apprenticeships and bespoke course designs and certifications


Our Academy uses the full capabilities of The S&A Group of companies to combine our expertise in Consulting, Resourcing and Training to address your talent needs.

Our training solutions can up-skill your junior talent as well as deliver expert training to experienced employees. Our full time professional apprenticeship programmes combine recruitment and training solutions to deliver you a constant supply of new, skilled and engaged employees.

Due to our subsidised UK Government status, our recruitment and FT Professional Apprenticeship Programmes, whether standard or industry aligned, come at NO COST to you.


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Consisting of THREE Outstanding Training Academy’s

Science & Laboratory

Business & Management

Technology & Digital

Bespoke Training Programmes, Examinations and Certifications

Bespoke Training & Certifications

We Design, Build and Deliver Global Training Courses and Adjudicated Exam/Certification Programmes

We have designed and built globally accredited training, examination and certification programmes for some of the worlds leading companies.

Designing complex training materials in subjects as diverse as embedded software engineering and mass spectrometry masterclasses for experienced scientists.

Professional Apprenticeships

Professional Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are not just for manual trades or young people. We are an approved UK Government ESFA Apprenticeship provider delivering enhanced 18 month plus learning programmes for professional careers in Technology, Science & Business.

Our software testing, software engineering and Cloud SRE programmes follow an intensive bootcamp model with 8-12 week full time training in our Academy followed by a further 15 months of progressive hybrid training.  Our Business & Science programmes either follow the bootcamp model or a full 18 month hybrid part time training model.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training Courses

Our specialist training and certification programmes can be aimed at entry level employees in areas such as on-boarding, health and safety or specialist industry technologies. However, the majority of our schemes are co-designed with major industry players to either train their own staff in complex technologies or to drive adoption of their products via mass training and certification programmes on a global basis.

We also Find, Select, Recruit & Train YOUR Employees – at no cost to you!

Our business model will help build yours. We run monthly selection programmes for our own businesses and our clients all across the UK. Each month selecting suitable candidates to enter our various PROFESSIONAL APPRENTICESHIP programmes.

So you can be assured we will have the right candidates, with the right aptitudes and attitudes to become your next wave of innovative, long-term, loyal employees.

Try our “Enhanced” Professional Apprenticeships

Our Professional Apprenticeship Programmes provide a whole host of benefits. Not only do we provide well over £100k of professional training, at no cost to employers, during our 18 month training schedules, but we run monthly selection and recruitment programmes all over the UK to constantly maintain a pool of ready made candidates. Whilst we can, and would love to, train your current employees via our UK Government Levy subsidised programmes, you can also gain free access to our screened and ready candidates who could well be your next role model employee.

Professioanl Apprenticeships for Technnology, Digital, Science, Laboratory & Business Careers

Professional Career Training – built ‘outside-in’ by real industry leaders and hiring managers

After almost 12 months of collaboration with industry CIO’s, laboratory managers and business leaders our pioneering programme launched in Q4/2022 to rave reviews. Using our bootcamp immersive learning model, our apprentices (your employees!) spend their first 10-12 weeks learning the ins and outs of their trades. Whether software engineering, science or laboratory managers & business analysts or one of our new 2023 cloud, data or DevSecOps programmes, your new employees will hit the ground running and be a credible addition to your team after their first three months in our academy. Thereafter, they’ll spend the next 15-18 months completing their professional apprenticeship programme learning ‘on the job’ and in our Academy until they pass their independent end-point assessments. Completing the programme with a qualification equivalent to a UK degree.

They’ll also learn dozens of ‘extra value’ industry relevant skills on the way. From learning about the different project delivery methodologies, trying new and upcoming technologies or science apparatus or simply spending time getting mentored by our in-house CIOs, business and science leaders.

That’s why we can call our apprenticeships ‘enhanced’. 

All the training, whether current curriculum or enhanced, is covered by our Academy and subsidised by the UK Governments Skills Funding Agency. What’s more, all selection, assessment, and recruitment cost are covered by us. You don’t have to wait until the end of an academic University year to on-board new staff. We can train new intakes every 3 months if you’d like! You simply instruct and entrust us to look after your people. We do the rest.

We built The S&A Academy to provide an industry relevant ‘professional apprenticeship programme‘ fit for 2023!

Developed using all our expertise and experience as well as detailed client feedback from years of delivering large scale business and technology transformations programmes.

Our new generation of professional apprenticeship will rival any graduate scheme, by preparing your new employees with job relevant skills, ready to fit into your workplace from day 1.

The S&A Academy professional apprentices are statistically proven to be more loyal, stay longer, be better engaged and keener to learn and develop than broadly educated junior talent. They’re also a lot better value than consistently using external contractors, agency staff or off shore suppliers.

Darren Coomer

Group CEO, The S&A Transform Group

The Strategy & Architecture Group was founded in 2010 in Cambridge, UK. The “S&A” Group, as it is more widely known, delivers massive scale technology and business transformations through its consulting and project delivery business around. the world.

The Group is entrusted by large government clients, billion dollar companies and a wide range of small/medium enterprises to deliver expertly managed change programmes and specialist transformations for business, technology and human performance.

The S&A Group, a sister company of The S&A Academy, works closely with our Academy business to help its global consulting clients gain access to the very best of upcoming professional talent.

An S&A Transform Group Company
An S&A Transform Group Company

Credersi, an S&A Group company founded in early 2021, is a wholly owned and consumed brand within The S&A Academy. Originally founded in the UK to serve an emerging scientific based talent need to fuel the increased demand for covid-19 skilled laboratory testing technicians, the company has evolved to become an established technology, science and business training and certification Academy fully integrated into the rest of The S&A Group.

Credersi was the originator of the RDK training and certification programme and still delivers specialist, exclusive global training and certification programmes under the Credersi Brand.

We design, build, deliver and certify training programmes for your products – driving efficiency and adoption of products for your staff, clients and end users

The S&A Academy develops global training and certification programmes for clients in technology and science. Either for workforce training, employee re/up-skilling or to drive global product or service adoption for your technology, software, science or laboratory products and technologies.

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The New Standard in Professional Education, Training and Certification

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